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Our Policies

Lindqvist Åkeri i Ystad AB


Quality Policy for Lindqvist Åkeri i Ystad AB

We will be attentive to the client’s needs and constantly work towards fulfilling them. Demands as well as wishes will be met as best possible throughout the organization.

We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction through an ongoing search for improvements in all areas.

Maintaining a high quality of service is our foundation for nourishing immaculate and longterm relationships with our clientele.

Work Environmental Policy for Lindqvist Akeri Corporation (AB) in Ystad

In day-to day operations, every employee must show personal responsibility in protecting health and the environment. It concerns everyone

to not just follow instructions and routines, but also to be attentive and report any new risks or threats towards the work environment.

Responding to larger proposed changes in the operations, all aspects of and effects upon the work environment will be considered, and within reasonable measures, decisions shall be made in accordance with policy in order to prevent negative effects and minimize risk.

We are aware that monitoring the work environment is critical to ensure that no new risks appear. Enjoying and developing through work is important to us.

Miljöpolicy för Lindqvist Åkeri i Ystad AB

We strive to execute transports with the smallest possible impact on the environment, in accordance with both our and our customers’ environmental and financial perspectives. We achive this by…

..guarding the impact of all our purchases and investments, from car parks to raw materials.

..keeping an open dialogue with our co-workers to increase awareness of environmental issues.

..openly and regularly declaring our engagement to the environment, as well as by maintaining positive connections to the autorities.

..regularly keeping ourselves informed of the environmental concerns of our clients within the transportation industry.