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Lindqvist Åkeri i Ystad AB

Lindqvist åkeri


Otto Lindqvists Åkeri was founded in the year 1923 in Ystad as the precursor to today’s corporation. In the early days, Otto Lindqvist himself ran the business by means of horse and carriage.

Together with his son Ove, who soon joined, Lindqvist bought the first joint truck in 1926. Ove Lindqvist continued with the company and eventually became a full partner in 1937, adding “& Son” to the company’s name.


In 1947, Otto Lindqvist passed away, leaving son Ove as a sole proprietor. The inherited estate consisted of seven trucks appraised at a total value of 23 170 SKr. Seven years later, the company headquarters were moved to Rosenhill.

Kjell Lindqvist, son of Ove Lindqvist, started working in this family business in 1950, and took over operations in 1983. In 1990, the company was once again moved – this time to Tenngatan, where it remains today.

For the past several years, Kjell Lindqvist’s daughter Katarina and son Peter are also a part of the business – a business which has come a long way, no doubt as a result of four generations of expertise.

Sedan nyligt har även nästkommande generation börjat komma in i firman.